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Our Health and Our Nature

Our ancestors used plants and Earth’s other naturally occurring gifts to uphold health and remedy imbalances. Today’s world, however, is saturated with synthetics - from our foods to our medicines. We were born into a society that is disconnected, quite literally, from its sacred healing roots. This causes us to be less conscious of our patterns and becomes the source of our diseases and ailments. I have blended and built upon my years of certified hands on anatomy work, energetic healing, and shamanic practices to develop an advanced system that facilitates total alignment via the re-calibration of the internal & external nervous systems, which control one’s entire health and well being.


Our bodies are profoundly affected and programmed by the world we live in. It is important (and life changing) to know that all of our system’s programming can be undone and reprogrammed!We are already plugged in to everything that exists across all time and space, therefore during the healing process, our circuitry is cleared and its amperage enhanced. Each of us is fully equipped with a flawless divine blueprint. The healing magic and miracles exist within each of us.

Vibration Integration - The Science

Vibration Integration is a healing system which  re-connects individuals to themselves. It allows people to experience a heightened awareness of their patterns, and gives them the ability to address and reprogram patterns with practical and simple self-adjustment and maintenance tools. A holographic understanding of the human body is essential knowledge for mastering one’s own health. Our DNA are massive record keepers, storing and transmitting information. It holds our entire genetic blueprint (also referred to as our Soul or Akashic record). The 12 strand version of our DNA exists in a world we cannot see, but can access through our intuitive senses.


We are constantly drawing from and feeding into energy systems that flow from hundreds of dimensions within and outside of our bodies. When our bodies are exposed to discordant vibrations (emotions, toxins, environmental stresses) there is a battle between the naturally healthy vibration of our organs and the countless chaotic external influences. Since 85% of the function of our nervous system is controlled by our afferent (external) field (which pertains to electromagnetic energy), this work initially takes place in the non-visible external nervous system to clear the clutter of the sleeve energy field and help us better access, heal, and reprogram our internal biological system.


Essentially, we are holographic beings projecting ourselves by working consciousness out of the body and then back into it. Our DNA emits photons, which are particles traveling at the speed of light carrying electromagnetic charges. These charges are picked up by thousands of other DNA strands in our body, ensuring that each cell knows the status of every other. In order for our internal system to function properly, our outer field of intelligence must first have complete understanding of what to do via its programming. 

As a devoted healing facilitator, I help people master their own health and access the infinite potentiality of their being! 


Anatomy Trains Myofacial Meridians

NEWSFLASH...We are not held up by our bones & muscles! In fact, our bones and muscles are ​insignificant in comparison to the fascial system that encapsulates our body. What actually holds us together is biotensegrity, the tension around and between our bones & muscles. Fascia is the glue that binds everything. It is the soft connective tissue that can remember, forget, reprogram, shift, and shape itself! Just like consciousness, fascia has no beginning or end. We are technically floating in our physical structure, wrapped in fields of intelligence from the superficial (outer) to the deep (inner) parts of our being.


The balancing of our myofascial meridians brings order and harmony to the body as there are numerous layers of nerves and coding throughout our system. During Vibration Integration the patient and facilitator actively work together in synergy to bring the system into alignment.The superficial (outer) layers of our system cover up the emotional layer our experience, preventing us from getting to the core issues of our health and balanced well-being. By working with the 3D fascial system that surrounds and interpenetrates all of our various ‘parts’, we can effectively work through this web of fibers & fluids, and make real changes.

Fascia sends & receives messages and remembers patterns; It weaves our muscles, bones, organs, nerves, and blood vessels together into an interconnected network. Our muscles never truly operate as individual, isolated myofascial units. They are linked into long functional chains via fascial connections, and these larger myofascial chains are responsible for our movement.


Vibration Integration is a holistic approach, viewing the entire system as a whole and providing an opportunity to help the body sense itself and heal. This ability is known as proprioception, and is sometimes referred to as our true sixth sense. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to move through life in a controlled way. Movement variability and high quality proprioception are some of the most powerful tools we can utilize when it comes to aging gracefully in our bodies. Vibration Integration incorporates Anatomy Trains Structural Integration), which springs from the pioneering work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf, as developed, by Thomas Myers. Freeing and repositioning the fascial fabric,along with re-integrating its movement patterns is what leads to proper positioning and long lasting alignment.


For more information on anatomy trains, visit a Anatomy trains  website or research spatial medicine.




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