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Meet Jaret Brooks


Since the age of six, Jaret Brooks had an extraordinary awareness of the world around him. He always knew that he was here to help others and naturally embodied a gift of performing. Over time, he developed a passion for one of the most powerful forms of healing art in existence . . . . m​usic.​Along his journey, music was a primary way Jaret would connect to something higher than himself.

He toured and uplifted audiences while using his voice and various instruments to further explore the possibilities for healing via sound frequencies and tones.


In 2003, Jaret continued his mission as a healer by becoming a massage therapist. It was clear to him that the next extension of his divine path involved learning about body/light work. After graduating from the Florida College of Natural Health with a degree in Massage Therapy, Jaret wanted to know more about how the body energetically operated. 


He decided to expand his training by mastering Orthopedic Massage and Reiki. Continuing his knowledge of the myo­fascial meridians in the human body, he then became a certified Structural Integrator in the Tom Myers Method. In 2011, Jaret drew inspiration to develop a complete healing system known as Vibration Integration. He and his colleagues continue to make dynamic breakthroughs in the bio­science of healing arts in order to create the necessary tools and technologies needed to experience the next level in vibrational heath.


He enjoys helping people reunite with their true nature and access the gift of self­ realization.

Currently, Jaret Brooks practices and teaches Vibration Integration throughout the world 


Going to Jaret changed my life. I went in on a friends suggestion for help with fibromyalgia and within the first session I left feeling amazing. I ended up seeing him for a full protocol to help with a physical issue, yet at the end of it all it was a healing experience for not only my physicality, but also an emotional clearing too. I'm a healer myself and I've seen what's out there and going to Jaret is powerful medicine! 

Danna Michelle

Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy Coach

Jaret Brooks is a healer’s healer. His constant and earnest striving toward self refinement and self growth and expansion has led him to be able to hold a powerful space for others to find their essential form beyond conditioning, beyond familial patterns, and beyond trauma. In any path of healing, we all must return to the body. The body cannot be ignored. What is incredible about Jaret’s work is his ability to integrate the healing for the physical body, the emotional body, and the spiritual body into his session work in a seamless way. What we so desperately need in this time of increased demands is integration — integration of the healing work we have started, information we have acquired, etc — is help bringing all of the pieces together into the core of our Being. I completed the 12-series with Jaret, seeing my work with him as pivotal for my personal healing and integration. I have also recommended him to countless others — for pain relief, physical body work, emotional work, and to help people access Spirit through the body. I cannot recommend Jaret highly enough!! If you are looking for something powerful to help you deepen in yourself, opening and healing the body to access your greater potentials, Jaret is soon to be your favorite helper!

Dr. Kathering Coder

Transpersonal Psychologist

I just completed Jaret Brooks 12 series program and I am amazed at how well I now understand my old muscle pains, its physical and emotional triggers, how quickly I am now able to resolve and heal them, and how straight my posture and walk have become. Jaretis extremely intuitive and helped me identify how emotions and traumas I was holding on to where affecting my body and my state of mind. With his incredible skills and talents, he walked me through various levels of emotional release that opened and unblocked my chakras and removed all old baggage. My back and shoulders are no longer constantly tense or sore, and I've never felt lighter. It's evident by my new walk, straighter posture, and bigger smile how much Jaret has done for me. I am grateful for Jaret's work and my future non-hunchback body thanks him very much. 

Elaine Reinoso

I have known Jaret Brooks, LMT for many years.  He has helped me to heal from severe spinal stenosis and prevented me from having knee and back surgery that was recommended by physicians.  Jaret is a talented "muscle healer" who is also kind, caring and spiritual. He is THE BEST!

Marcia Geller


Today I completed my 12 week structural integration work with this amazing Being!

Grateful for his vision, mastery and skills to help me remember what I Am. It has been an incredible journey!! I had no idea it would be this powerful.Looking forward to sharing more with you!!! Thank you! 

Mena Teijeiro

Life Coach

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